What is the ideal floor for offices? + Various types

What is the ideal floor for offices? + Various types | Nothing is going to have an impact on the look of an office space like the choice of flooring. A commercial office, Hardwood flooring in St augustine, space requires a certain look and feel that reflects what goes on inside the building. Not only does the flooring contribute to the aesthetics of the room, but also its functionality and comfort level.

According to Verity Hunter, the marketing manager at Flowcrete SA, a company specializing in flooring in South Africa, the African market, especially East Africa, tends to use a lot of tile in offices because it is relatively inexpensive. Especially ceramic tiles from China. Most companies are very price sensitive.

However, more and more companies are turning to resin flooring as an option for their offices. “Flowcrete is currently receiving a number of inquiries for a polished concrete finish or a stained concrete finish. The increased demand for stained concrete with an epoxy thin film coating on top is due to companies looking for a more decorative and hard-wearing floor finish,” he adds.

What is the ideal floor for offices?

Warm up your office with rugs and carpets

This type of flooring is ideal for businesses that need some type of noise isolation, such as an office environment. It is, however, important to keep in mind that the rug is easily stained and may require a lot of attention over time. Tile mats provide more flexibility because each tile can be replaced individually without any fuss and noise. Rugs also come in different styles and patterns, giving managers a range of options that reflect an office’s branding and aesthetic.

Today the carpet market in the commercial sector continues to grow. In general, carpet tiles are becoming more environmentally friendly. For example, new developments in yarns and fibres, with the increased use of recycled content, are becoming a perfect match for rising stringent green building standards.

It is imperative that carpet tiles not only maintain their aesthetic appearance over time, but that they have the ability to maintain their shape and lie flat on the floor surface without cupping or buckling. They must be able to stay in place undisturbed after installation and look good even under the most traffic-tested conditions. To do this, they must possess five fundamental characteristics:

These factors determine the lifespan of carpet tiles and are very important in choosing the right office flooring that will last long and keep looking great.

Vinyl flooring: a touch of style and durability 

Vinyl siding is popular for commercial flooring because it offers long-lasting performance. It is ideal for a wide range of applications in offices, commercial, healthcare and retail spaces that need to withstand high traffic. This type of flooring is resilient and resistant to damage such as indentation and scratches. It is available in many different colors and designs, providing an elegant touch to an office. It is easy to clean and with minimal maintenance.

It is important to fully understand what the area is going to be used for, the intended traffic in that area, and customer expectations; when choosing a floor covering. Vinyl is quickly becoming the preferred choice of floor covering due to its comfort, durability and longevity, hygienic and acoustic properties, design possibilities, ease of maintenance and environmental consideration.

Rubber floor: for resilience and ease of maintenance 

Rubber flooring is ideal for high-traffic commercial interior spaces such as airports, healthcare facilities and restaurants. The rubber coating is durable and resistant to water and heat and is easy to maintain. In addition to being comfortable to walk on, it is non-slip and sound absorbent. Comes in a variety of textures and colors.

Hardwood flooring: a classic, timeless look 

Hardwood flooring has been the stylish look in most offices since time immemorial and it has never gone out of style. It elevates the look of an office interior design while being durable and easy to clean. It is a great office flooring choice for areas with a lot of activity. Despite facing moisture damage, choosing a pre-finished floor can help maintain its appearance.


This is a cheaper alternative to hardwood, tile or stone floors. The lamination process involves fusing two or more types of materials together and sealing them together. It’s simple to install and won’t scratch or scuff easily. This type of flooring is durable, easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with multiple options to choose from; smooth laminate, patterned laminate, patina laminate and wood grain laminate.

BH wooden floor 

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