Compared to wood or steel, glass has advantages when it comes to service life; see projects that exploit material and get ideas on how to apply it, when choosing a glass wall art

The kitchen is usually one of the most inhabited places in any home. For some women, they are considered the main room. The space intended for cooking usually concentrates creative ideas for decoration and furniture.

For the glaziers on duty, it is important to keep up with the trends of the material inside the kitchen. Glass is increasingly gaining strength in various applications within this room. The versatility of the material also helps, as the glass can be processed and applied in different colors, in addition to textures, such as printed glass.

Glass also has advantages over applications such as wood or steel in cabinets and cabinets. As the kitchen environment is very busy, there is a lot of manipulation of water and fatty substances, such as oil and olive oil.

Glass is a much easier material to clean compared to the other two mentioned above. Even when handling water to cook food, wash dishes, or clean the kitchen, wood can swell and lose resistance, causing damage to furniture. Over time, cabinets made of metallic materials can corrode.

In some apartments there is also a connection between the kitchen and the service area. Many choose to place an accordion door, steel or wood. The glass door, in addition to making the environment clearer, is also not damaged in contact with water and is easy to clean.

Of course, it is practically impossible to have a kitchen completely made of glass, but maximizing the use of the material can be beneficial for the customer, who will have an increased kitchen lifespan, and also for the glazier, who will be able to increase his sales using these arguments.

glass in the kitchen

Glass can be present in the kitchen in doors that connect to other rooms, cabinet doors and cupboards and drawers. If the wall above the sink is not tiled, it is worth presenting the glass inserts to the customer. If the kitchen is large, the dining table can also have a glass top, which is quite common and considered sophisticated.

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